UAE political science professor welcomes Biden presidency

UAE political science professor welcomes Biden presidency

As Democratic candidate Joe Biden announced his victory in the race for the White House on Saturday the United Arab Emirates made a noteworthy statement.

“A wise man needed by America and the world, after four difficult and unconventional years,” said Emirati writer Abdulkhaleq Abdullah in a tweet.

Immediately after Biden officially announced his victory for the White House, Abdullah rushed to post a series of tweets welcoming and congratulating the candidate of the Democrats.

“The UAE will find a good friend in the White House,” he said, as well as posting videos of Biden’s previous visits to the UAE and meeting with officials in Abu Dhabi.

The message is all the more notable because it shows a remarkable shift in tone compared to a few days ago, when Abdullah wrote: “If the Democratic Joe Biden candidate wins, his victory will be weak, lackluster and unconvincing. President Trump has the right to be upset and angry, and resort to court.”