Russian naval forces conduct maneuvers near Yemeni coastline

Russian naval forces conduct maneuvers near Yemeni coastline

The Russian Navy has carried out military movements in the Red Sea in an attempt to be present in the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait.

“The movements are aimed to expand the Russian ambition in the Middle East, specifically in the most important strategic region around the world, as the Soviet Union has done before, but those ambitions had described at the time as limited due to its connection to a military agenda related to the world war,” according to the French newspaper, L’Orient.

The newspaper pointed out that Russia would be dependent on Yemen and Somaliland for its presence in this region, after a Russian plan from 2013 to build a military base in Djibouti was thwarted by US pressure.

“Russia is keen to play a mediating role between all Yemeni forces, with the aim of preparing for a military presence on the banks of the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait for the coming years, considering this plan is strategic for Moscow,” added the newspaper.

Earlier, Israeli media outlets confirmed, after the agreement signed between Israel and the UAE of to normalize relations, that there is an Emirati-Israeli coordination sponsored by the US, to establish military bases on islands and strategic sites in both the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.