Infant mortality in Yemen reaches 27 per 1,000 births

Infant mortality in Yemen reaches 27 per 1,000 births

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Youssef Al-Hadheri, said that more than 27 children out of 1,000 born in Yemen die annually.

Al-Hadheri added, in a statement to Al-Masirah, that the Ministry of Health does not count on the United Nations because it “is a partner to the US-Saudi aggression in killing the children of Yemen.”

He pointed out that the Ministry of Health only calls on the United Nations to take action to lift the blockade, saying, “We do not want spoiled food and expired medicines,” indicating that the health status of the Yemeni People is deteriorating, as is their financial and living situation.

He continued: “the Ministry of Health has instructed to prepare an appropriate vision to study the bombed places that have been targeted by internationally prohibited weapons.”

Regarding smuggled medicines, Al-Hadheri explained that they may lead to major health problems, and the Ministry of Health is moving to combat smuggling and counterfeiting of medicines.

Regarding to the UN pln to establish a so-called medical air bridge, he described it as “the biggest scandal for the United Nations and its organisations”, calling it “just a media peg through which the international organisations polish the image of the US-Saudi aggression.”

“There exists no medical air bridge, except for in the statements of the United Nations.”