UAE supplies STC militias with thermal missiles

UAE supplies STC militias with thermal missiles

Military sources revealed that the UAE occupation supplied the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Abyan with new shipments of qualitative weapons to ensure that these forces superior over  Hadi’s forces .

The UAE has provided the STC militias shipments of weapons, including thermal missiles, which have had an effective in thwarting the advancing attempts carried out by Hadi’s forces, the sources said.

The new shipment of weapons was handed over to Salafist leader Nizar al-Wajeeh al-Yafei, commander of the “4th Alamalqa Brigade”, which was transferred from the west coast to Abyan province, according to the sources said.

In addition, the STC pushed new reinforcements to the frontlines in Al-Taryah and Sheikh Salem areas , after the hostilities escalated with Hadi’s forces.

Hadi’s forces justified their attacks on the STC’s positions on Friday by saying that their forces were bombed by STC’s drone