Zionist presence in UAE-occupied Socotra expanding even more

Zionist presence in UAE-occupied Socotra expanding even more

The Israeli navy’s military presence in the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra has expanded since the second half of 2020, reports say. The Zionist presence in the area has been supported by Emirati occupation troops already stationed there.

Informed sources confirmed on Monday, that an Emirati ship arrived at the port of Socotra, carrying Israeli military devices and equipment, which was unloaded under strict security measures.

The sources suggested that the UAE move on the island gave way to the Zionist military presence to establish a military airport under the supervision of technical experts from the Israeli navy.

French website J Forum has gone as far as confirming the arrival of a joint delegation of Israeli and Emirati intelligence officers to Socotra, and their examination of various sites to establish military bases, after the installation of a military communications network last August.

All these UAE-Israeli moves have so far gone unchallenged by the Saudi-backed puppet government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, who still officially claims the title of President of Yemen.