Pro-Hadi forces claim to have shot down Emirati drone

Pro-Hadi forces claim to have shot down Emirati drone

Renewed infighting between Hadi government forces and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias has continued in the Yemeni governorate of Abyan.

Hadi loyalist forces claimed to shoot down a UAE drone during the fighting, which took place in the Taryah front.

Activists on social media circulated some pictures of the wreckage of the alleged UAE drone that was downed on late Thursday.

According to local sources, the hostilities were prompted by mutual shelling using heavy weapons in Sheikh Salem and Taryah fronts east Zinjibar city, Abyan’s provincial capital.

Four of Hadi’s troops were killed and seven others injured in the clashes, spokesman for the Emirati-backed STC militias in Abyan tweeted.

The STC militias in coastal strip claimed to have fended off “hostile acts attempted by Hadi troops,” Mohamed al-Naqib added.

On Wednesday, the STC accused Hadi government of sending more reinforcements “consisting of al-Qaeda and Daesh militants” to Abyan.