Yemen bombs Aramco in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Yemen bombs Aramco in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Yemen’s army spokesman, Brigadier General Yahay Sare’e, has announced that the missile forces launched a major military operation, hitting a vital target in Jeddah, Western Saudi Arabia.

Sare’e reported that the Yemeni army fired a new winged missile “Quds 2 Type” at the Aramco distribution station in Jeddah.

He confirmed in a press statement on early Monday that the missile hit its target with high accuracy, and ambulances and firefighters rushed to the scene.

He pointed out that the Quds 2 missile, a new generation of winged missiles produced by the Yemeni missile force and announced today, entered service recently after successful operational tests in the depths of Saudi that had not previously been announced.

Sare’e said the operation was in retaliation to the continued blockade and war in Yemen. It is also a practical translation of what the armed forces had promised days before large-scale operations were carried out deep inside the Saudi territories.

He reiterated the call for foreign citizens and companies operating in Saudi Arabia to stay away from vital facilities as they are within the scope of the targets, stressing that operations against Saudi will continue there.