Yemen welcomes upcoming UN team visit to Safer oil tanker

Yemen welcomes upcoming UN team visit to Safer oil tanker

A senior leader in the national salvation government welcomed on Sunday a team of the United Nations experts in charge of assessing and maintaining the Safer tanker in the Red Sea.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi said on Sunday that the government in Sana’a has sent a letter to the UN regarding the UN team’s expected arrival at Yemen.

“There are positive understandings between Sana’a and the United Nations on the issue of the stranded Safer tanker,” he added.

“The National Salvation Government is looking forward to the arrival of the international experts tasked with accessing the tanker and assessing its condition,” he said.

The tanker, technically a massive floating petroleum platform, has had no maintenance since the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen started in 2015.

It is moored off Yemen’s western coast, with more than 1.1 million barrels of crude oil on board. Years of lack of materials for repair due to the Saudi blockade have led to the tanker suffering from significant issues, which could threaten to result in an oil spill of unseen proportions if not addressed.