Yemeni Center for Human Rights condemns Saudi crimes against children

Yemeni Center for Human Rights condemns Saudi crimes against children

The Yemeni Center for Human Rights (YCHR) said that all rights of the Yemen children have been violated in the attacks carried out by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen since March 2015.

The YCHR affirmed in a statement that the coalition still continues to commit crimes and violations against children, which include murders and maiming, the targeting of schools and hospitals, and the hindering of access to humanitarian aid to the country, as well as dozens of crimes of rape and kidnapping.

The statement stressed the need for serious work to protect the rights of children wherever they are and in various circumstances.

“Despite the celebration of the International Day of the Child and despite the children’s rights, which were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 1959, the rights of Yemeni children are being violated, and their blood and lives have been shed by the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes,” the center added.

At least 7,272 children have been killed and wounded by the coalition war in the over five years in light of international complicity and shameful silence.

The statement considered the shameful stances of the international community and the United Nations system towards the crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, and removing the coalition from the list of committing crimes against the rights of thousands of Yemeni children, as “a black sign and a professional and moral downfall.”

The center renewed its full commitment to work to protect children’s rights and improve their conditions, expressing its appreciation for the individuals, organisations and countries struggling to defend human rights in Yemen and seeking to stop the war and siege.