Mohammed al-Houthi speaks on fundamental nature of the war on Yemen

Mohammed al-Houthi speaks on fundamental nature of the war on Yemen

Top member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has reiterated that the Quds-2 missile that targeted the Saudi Aramco facility last Monday was created and built completely by Yemeni industry.

“The more Saudi Arabia continues its war on the Yemeni people and targeting its vital facilities, the more Saudi-led coalition continues its aggression and war on Yemen, then the more the Yemeni army will continue to target Saudi facilities, in defence of Yemen and the Yemenis,” Mohammad al-Houthi added.

“The aggression warplanes have been targeting the Yemeni people for nearly six years,” al-Houthi said, adding the aggression imposes an all-out blockade, preventing patients from traveling abroad, cutting the salaries of state employees as well as destroying the national currency.

“The aggression against Yemen was done, among other reasons, as part of a competition between two projects: the Silk Road project adopted by China (…) and the Neom project, which includes the King Salman Bridge that links Egypt to the Arabian Peninsula”, al-Houthi explained.

The Neom project is a Saudi plan to build a massive “smart city” front he ground up in the northwest of the kingdom, meant to operate as cross-border business and finance hub linking to Egypt.

He stressed that “the Yemeni people will not surrender or retreat in the face of aggression, and aggression has only one way to move towards honourable peace, otherwise the battle will continue until victory”.

“Go to the United States again and buy new defence weapons, because the Yemeni missile broke your defence systems,” al-Houthi said.

“The aggression countries said that they are fighting Iran in Yemen (…) but they have not and will not dare to actually strike Iran. Our people know the lies of these countries of aggression.”