Two senior mercenary commanders killed by Yemeni forces near Ma’rib

Two senior mercenary commanders killed by Yemeni forces near Ma’rib

At least two commanders loyal to the Saudi-led coalition were killed on Thursday in Ma’rib province, according to sources.

The sources affirmed that one commander, named Abdo Abdullah Al-Salhi Al-Wasabi, was targeted when the Yemeni army managed to implement a counter-attack against the coalition forces near the outskirts of Raghwan district, northwest of the city of Ma’rib.

A day earlier, another commander, named Mubarak Al-Ajji Al-Megrahi, was killed in the Al-Nadhud Front in a Yemeni army attack in the north of the province.

The attacks caused the deaths and injury of dozens of coalition forces, as well as inflicting heavy losses in military equipment.

On Wednesday, five commanders of the coalition forces were killed when the army foiled an attack in the same district.

The sources said that the army forces repelled the coalition attack towards the outskirts of Majzar district.

The sources explained that the coalition forces backed by warplanes waged several airstrikes on the sites of the army in the areas of Wadi Hallan and Al-Jafra, in a failed attempt to advance and take over the recently liberated camp of Mas.

The army waged a military operation that led to full control over Mas camp in early November, which is the northwestern gateway to the city of Ma’rib itself.