At least two mercenaries killed in infighting in Mocha

At least two mercenaries killed in infighting in Mocha

Several militants loyal to Tariq Saleh forces were killed and wounded in an explosion on Friday evening in the coastal city of Mocha, in the west of Taiz province, local sources said.

According to the sources, a roadside bomb exploded and targeted a military pickup vehicle carrying a group of militants in front of al-Sameed station on the main street in the city of Mocha, killing two soldiers and wounding others.

Tariq Saleh’s forces were deployed at the scene and accused the leaders of the so-called Tihama Resistance of being involved in the operation, the sources said.

Earlier, leaders of the Tihamah Resistance accused Tariq Saleh forces of assassinating a number of its leaders.

Differences between the leaders of the UAE-backed military factions in the West Coast have escalated, despite the fact that the Tihama Resistance and the militias of Tariq Saleh were originally allied as mercenaries of the Saudi-led invasion.