President Mahdi al-Mashat speaks on Independence Day celebrations

President Mahdi al-Mashat speaks on Independence Day celebrations

President of Yemen Mahdi al-Mashat has congratulated all Yemenis in general, the tribes, the army and the Popular Committees on the occasion of 53rd anniversary of Independence Day.

Speaking on the occasion of Independence Day, President Mashat said: “We and all honourable people have the right to celebrate this glorious occasion because, thank God, we are in the same trench that our fathers were in: fighting against foreign colonialism.”

“Independence Day offers a lesson to the aggressors against our country,” he said.

He stressed that November 30 reveals the historical merit and eternal symbolism of all the heroes who today defend their country, the people and their cause.

“The aggressors should stop their aggression and occupation. If they think of continuing, they are only come out worse in the end,” the President said.

He explained that one of the characteristics of thiandat is that it distinguishes between true and false patriotism and exposes traitors and agents.

“Traitors and agents cannot celebrate this day without turning into a mockery and a scandal,” he added.

The President congratulated those who defected from the coalition’s ranks and returned to the homeland’s bosom, calling on those who are still in the ranks of the aggression to return.

He also reiterated his support for the UN Envoy’s efforts and his openness to all efforts to stop the aggression war.

On 30 November, 1967, the people of South Yemen defeated the British colonial regime and established their independence as the Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen. Even though North and South Yemen were unified into one Republic of Yemen in 1990, the independence is still being celebrated annually.