US weapons used in recent Saudi bombing of Sana’a

US weapons used in recent Saudi bombing of Sana’a

Yemeni activists on social media have circulated several photos of remnants of US-made bombs and missiles that were used in recent attack by the Saudi-led coalition on the capital Sana’a.

The warplanes waged a series of airstrikes the capital Sana’a, targeting the horse stables in the Military College, as well as the Cleaning and Improvement Fund, killing a shepherd and dozens of livestock along with several horses.

The photos showed that the missiles that targeted the horse stables were US-made and carrying the name of a US weapon company.

The photos showed the logo of a US company called Woodward, based in Colorado. The company produces components for weapons guidance systems for JDAM and SDB bombs produced by the Boeing company.

Another picture of the remnants of another missile also showed the name EaglePicher, a US manufacturer of thermal battery systems and supplies power for over 90% of the US military’s munitions and critical systems for the control of both JDAM and SDB bombs.