Foreign Minister of Yemen responds to Saudi comments

Foreign Minister of Yemen responds to Saudi comments

Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hisham Sharaf, has said on Sunday that the Saudi regime “practices its deception in order to get rid of a responsibility for what it has been committing in Yemen and its people for over five years.”

Hisham Sharaf added that the blatant interference in Yemen’s affairs have caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the modern world.

The minister’s statement came in a comment on Saudi foreign minister Faisal al-Saud’s remarks on the 47th session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held on 27 and 28 November in Niger’s capital, Niamey.

Sharaf said that Saudi Arabia started conspiring against Yemen in 2014, and started its aggressive war on the country in March 2015, imposing an all-out air, land, and sea siege ever since.

“If Saudi Arabia is keen on supporting Yemen, it could have supported the efforts of the United Nations in 2014,” the minister said, adding that “Saudi Arabia should have supported the Yemeni economy instead of forming a military coalition and imposing an all-inclusive blockade meant to kill the Yemeni people.”

The Minister renewed his call to sit at a dialogue table and negotiate among all parties to end the military aggression, lift the siege and stop foreign interference in Yemen’s internal affairs.

He also reiterated the call for supporting Yemen economically and financially, so as to achieve the establishment of diplomatic relations with all neighbours to preserve the territorial integrity of all.