WHO: Conflict in Yemen hampers efficient tackling of Covid-19 pandemic

WHO: Conflict in Yemen hampers efficient tackling of Covid-19 pandemic

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has affirmed on Monday that Yemen suffers from multiple challenges in facing the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the critical security situation in the country, which hinders access for humanitarian aid.

The WHO regional director of the Middle East, Ahmed Al-Mandhari, told Sputnik News that the ongoing conflict impeding many support activities and has exhausted the health sector and blocked supplies for some areas.

The WHO official added that the conditions of displacement and asylum have made difficulties and that there are severe challenges in access to health services to those who need it.

“Nevertheless, we provided all necessary supplies and materials to Yemen to help the health sector respond to the pandemic and strengthen the capabilities of laboratories and surveillance systems, but the health sector still faces difficulties in monitoring cases of infection and conducting sufficient tests.”

“There is a problem related to the exchange of verified information due to the weakness of the health information system,” Al-Mandhari affirmed.

He said, “we continue to work with the relevant authorities to continue to provide the technical and health support to meet the basic services needs of Yemen and its citizens for addressing the pandemic and its challenges.”

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