New report details the horrifying results of the Saudi-led war against Yemen

New report details the horrifying results of the Saudi-led war against Yemen

Over 16,802 Yemeni civilians, including 3,753 children, 2,361 women and 10,688 men, have been killed by the Saudi-led coalition war on Yemen between. March 2015 and last June, according to a report of national team in charge of dealing with the international and regional experts.

The head of the national team, Abdel-AIlah Hajar, stated in a press conference held on Wednesday in Sana’a, that what is announced in the first report is the most prominent crimes and violations committed by the coalition.

The report explained that over 3,553 public and private educational facilities were damaged and about 402 schools were destroyed completely due to the coalition airstrikes on Yemen.

In the health field, the coalition warplanes have destroyed 483 hospitals, facilities, and health facilities, which led to 60% of the hospitals suspending services.

The report indicated that the war and the siege imposed by the coalition have led to the failure 362 imedicine shipments, including 12 for incurable diseases, as well as the closure of 7 dialysis centers out of 28 centers, and the lack of more than 19 types of medical supplies.

The coalition and its blockade also caused 320,000 patients to be unable to receive treatment abroad due to the closure of Sana’a International Airport.

Regarding to infrastructure and service facilities in Yemen, the report of national experts revealed that the coalition intentionally destroyed 14 Yemeni sea and land ports by direct bombardment.

Additionally, about 4,976 km of main roads, 101 bridges and more than 6278 various means of transport have been destroyed completely by the coalition’s air attacks.

The coalition forces completely and partially destroyed more than 472 fuel and gas stations and over 291 trucks carrying oil derivatives in most of the Yemeni provinces.

On the other hand, the report stated about 1,748 air strikes launched by the coalion air forces has destroyed 477 security installations, killed 178 security personnel, and wounded 139 others, in additional to destroying 41 courts and judicial complexes.

It added that the losses of the electricity sector as a result of the aggression have been estimated at billions of dollars.

The report indicated to the coalition fighter jets directly destroyed and damaged more than 131 sports facilities, over 47 media institutions and 28 radio and television transmission centers.

Furthermore, the coalition air forces carried out deliberate military attacks on a number of mosques, archaeological sites, and cultural and tourism structures, with 1,324 mosques and 417 archaeological and historical sites having been destroyed completely.

The report of the experts confirmed that the coalition has used internationally-prohibited weapons such as cluster, sonic, vacuum and phosphorous, against the Yemeni people.

“Yemen is experiencing deteriorating economic and humanitarian conditions as a result of the aggression and blockade on Yemen, and 85% of the population lives below the poverty line, while the unemployment rate has reached 65% due to the war and siege, the reported stated.

Meanwhile, 20 million Yemeni citizens suffer from food insecurity, and eight million others suffer from acute food insecurity due to the war and the siege imposed by the coalition countries on Yemen.