Protest against UAE war crimes takes place outside Emirati embassy in London

Protest against UAE war crimes takes place outside Emirati embassy in London

Dozens of protesters gathered on Wednesday before the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in the UK capital of London, during a ceremony marking the occasion of UAE National Day, according to Middle East Monitor .

The protesters indicated that, while the UAE celebrates its national day and promulgates false achievements to conceal its violations, the bulk of United Nations (UN) reports have exposed the country’s shocking human rights record, including the war crimes committed by the Emirati regime in Yemen, Libya and elsewhere.

Protesters chanted slogans against the UAE and its crimes against civilians in Yemen and Libya, bearing banners denouncing human rights violations perpetrated by the Gulf state and demanding punishment for the killers of Yemeni children.

The demonstration called for prosecuting Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed on charges of committing war crimes in Yemen and violating international laws, universal rights and freedoms.

A giant balloon displaying a portrait of the Emirati crown prince was displayed as a symbol of the crimes committed by him, at which the demonstrators threw shoes while chanting slogans demanding freedom and justice for the victims of Bin Zayed’s crimes.

At the end of the protest, the demonstrators called for the trial of Bin Zayed as a war criminal directly responsible for human rights abuses, suppression of freedom of expression and committing war crimes in Yemen, including the killing, torture and displacement of civilians.

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