Saudi attack on recently liberated Ma’rib territory fails

Saudi attack on recently liberated Ma’rib territory fails

Saudi-led forces and their mercenaries have on Thursday launched a major military offensive against areas that have recently been liberated by Yemeni army forces and Popular Committees in the battles that are currently being conducted on the fronts northwest of Ma’rib province, military courses said.

According to military sources, Yemeni forces were able to thwart la large advance by coalition forces towards the area of Hajar Alajooz, between the fronts of the districts of Ragwan and Medghal, north of Ma’rib city,.

The sources pointed out that the army forces carried out a tactical encirclement of al-Kasarah and al-Fatikha, targeting the coalition forces as they tried to march towards Hajar Alajooz area.

Moreover, the sources confirmed that dozens of coalition mercenaries were killed and wounded, including high-ranking military commanders.

The most prominent military coalition commanders that were killed are Saddam al-Hajj, one of the leaders of the 81st Infantry Brigade, and two commanders called Fouad al-Abyad and Abdul Ilah Al-Qars.

Earlier in the day, the Yemeni army approached the city of Ma’rib even more closely in its battles with the Saudi-led coalition forces, private sources said.

The sources affirmed that the army advanced towards the government compound in the city.

The army attacked and took control over the coalition forces’ sites in al-Ajouz area in Wadi Abaida, the sources said.

Local residents in the city of Ma’rib confirmed that they can see the battles from the rooftops of houses in the city.

Ma’rib is one of the most important cities held by Saudi-led occupation forces in Yemen. Recent advances and victories by the Yemeni forces have brought them close to liberating the city.