Security official killed in Taiz clashes

Security official killed in Taiz clashes


A companion of the assistant security director of Taiz, who is loyal to the Islah Party. was killed in clashes on Thursday, sources said.

The sources said the militants loyal the Saudi-led coalition opened fire at the assistant security director, killing him and injuring others.

The sources affirmed that clashes happened between protesters and bodyguards of an oil company in the city.

While this clash was taking place, members of a security unit belonging to Islah stormed a citizen’s home in the Bab Musa neighborhood and took a child at gunpoint.

The sources said that two military pickup vehicles besieged the house before storming it to abduct 13-year-old Muhannad Nasr al-Shamiri, and take him to one of their detention facilities.

The security forces justified the operation by claiming to obtain information from the child, but did not give details on the type of information.

The city of Taiz had witnessed an demonstrations today due to the security deterioration and spread of armed factions with the complicity of the Hadi government.