Saudi invasion of Yemen has causes outbreaks of diseases not seen before in the country

Saudi invasion of Yemen has causes outbreaks of diseases not seen before in the country

Dr. Abdullatif Hussein Abu Talib, chairman of the Al-Thawra General Hospital Authority, has confirmed that the ongoing Saudi-American aggression against Yemen has caused the spread of very serious diseases that were not known in the country before.

“New blood cancers, thyroid gland, stomach, respiratory system and congenital malformations of children and fetuses [have appeared]” Dr. Abdullatif Hussein Abu Talib told al-Thawra Newspaper.

Dr. Abu Talib explained that the hospital performs 150 surgeries a day in various specialties during official working hours or during shifts.

In the interview, he revealed that a large number of consultants, specialists, doctors and technicians had left the hospital because of the war.

“One of the most important projects for the Hospital is the establishment of an oxygen plant,” he stated, noting that patients in the hospital consume at least 200 oxygen cylinders per day, estimated at 15 million a month, he said.

He continued: “By establishing this factory within the hospital, we have solved this problem. Now, we are expanding the kidney center. The expansion will increase by 40 beds, with the provision of all the supplies and dialysis devices, thus this will be the largest in the country accommodates 220 patients per day.

He confirmed that the health sector is facing many difficulties due to the blockade and aggression imposed by Saudi-led coalition.

Abu Talib noted that some of these difficulties are preventing the entry of medicines, medical devices, solutions and other medical supplies, as well as the spare parts sector of medical devices, as well as the time required to introduce these requirements of medicines and devices as a result of their detention.

“We must take responsibility because it is the only way that will lead to success,” he concluded.