Mass wedding celebrations held in Sana’a in direct defiance to Saudi threats

Mass wedding celebrations held in Sana’a in direct defiance to Saudi threats

The capital Sana’a has witnessed a mass wedding celebration for a total of 3,300 grooms and brides on Wednesday afternoon.

The wedding was organized at Sabaeen Square, and under the auspices of General Authority of Zakat in the National Salvation Government, to make it easier for young people to start families despite the the deteriorating economic conditions experienced in the country.

During the celebration ceremony, the Leader of the Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin Al- Houthi congratulated the grooms and brides on the occasion of their marriage, wishing them a happy life.

“Today’s wedding is a strong massage to the Saudi-led aggression coalition, stating that whatever your crimes, we are continuing our lives” he said, adding that it shows the high value and importance of social solidarity in Islam.

The Sayyid confirmed that the Yemeni people have stood up since the beginning of the aggression in all areas of life, although in every area they face a front where the forces of aggression are being confronted.

The wedding was attended by thousands of relatives and friends of the grooms, in addition to a remarkable official attendance.

Yemeni people have their own ways to celebrate marriage according to their traditional and customs.

The grooms dressed in traditional flowing robes and scarves wrapped around their heads, and each held long golden-colored swords.

The festivities included a morning of traditional dances, after which hundreds of relatives and guests were invited for lunch.