Yemeni Minister of Defence speaks on the accomplishments of Yemeni forces in 2020

Yemeni Minister of Defence speaks on the accomplishments of Yemeni forces in 2020

The Yemeni Minister of Defence, Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atefi, has affirmed that popular cohesion and steadfastness against the aggressors have proven to the whole world the extent of strength and eminence of the Yemeni people. Who are determined to triumph for the sake of their will and right to freedom, dignity, sovereignty, unity, and independence.

“The Yemeni people, with the revolutionary, political and military leadership at forefront, has taken the paths of struggle and steadfastness with courage and faith, to say the decisive word of truth against falsehood,” Major General Al-Atefi said at the conclusion of the activities of the combat and operational training of the year 2020.

Moreover, he stressed that all of those obeying the Zionist-American decisions must realise that Yemen will resist and end any conspiratorial plans.

Major General Al-Atefi confirmed that “the Yemeni people will never acquiesce tobAmerica and Israel,” pointing out that those Yemenis who support them are “defaming Yemen.”

The Minister of Defence pointed out the major achievements made at the military level, as Yemen has rebuilt its armed forces and strengthened the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Republic.

“Thanks to Allah and to the support and patronage of our revolutionary and political leadership, the leadership of the Ministry of Defence and the Presidency of the General Staff were able to rebuild the armed forces with their multi-tasking and specialised classes, which are in line with the requirements in this war against the aggressive forces and their local mercenaries, with the highest level of combat training, moral preparation, and mobilisation.”

“The Yemeni military industries are working day and night to develop high-quality, more accurate, larger-range weapons capable of reaching their goals, and the enemy’s defence systems will not be able to impede them. The upcoming days will confirm the validity of my words if the aggression on Yemen continues,” Major General Al-Atefi added in the context of his speech.

He stated that steadfastness over the past five years has confirmed without a doubt that the Saudi-led aggression is collapsing and has faced catastrophic failure in all of its military, security, political and economic fields.

Moreover, included in his statement that the security and stability of Yemen is an integral part of the security of the region and the world, he added, “Everyone who is concerned with the economic interests of their countries and securing maritime navigation in the region, should realise that the security and safety in Yemen is the core issue for all. This can not be done through killing the Yemenis and imposing a comprehensive siege on them. Rather, it should be done by respecting the unity of Yemen’s territory, its sovereignty, and the building of a strong unified country in which security and stability prevail.”

“We are the ones who will preserve maritime navigation and protect international interests in the region through our vital strategic and vital location, which represents great importance for international shipping lanes south of the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait, through the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the gateway to the Indian Ocean,” he concluded.