Yemeni Foreign Minister responds to disappointing UN Security Council statement

Yemeni Foreign Minister responds to disappointing UN Security Council statement

Foreign Minister of Yemen, Hisham Sharaf Abdullah has commented on the press statement released on Sunday by the UN Security Council.

Minister Sharaf affirmed in a statement to the Yemeni news agency Saba, saying that the statements and briefings of the Security Council “continue to ignore the suffering and grievances of the Yemeni people.”

“The UNSC also ignores the blockade imposed on Yemen, the closure of Sana’a International Airport and the destruction of all economic and service capabilities, that have been targeted daily since March 26, 2015 by the Saudi-led aggression forces, ” the statement read.

He pointed out that the UNSC’s statements focus on the complaints of the countries of the aggression about missile attacks on some of Saudi facilities, which is a legitimate response to its unjustified aggression against Yemen.

“Thus, the Security Council is used to reflect the view of one of the parties to the conflict in Yemen, without a clear and explicit condemnation of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which began the war of aggression against the Republic of Yemen,” he added.

The Foreign Minister noted that the Yemeni missile forces, despite their large and proven capabilities to reach many targets in the depth of Saudi territories, is keen to avoid targeting facilities and places of a civil or residential nature.

He also stressed that what is being targeted comes within the framework of legitimate self-defence, based in all international conventions and international law.

The Foreign Minister explained that the Security Council’s concern about the catastrophic deterioration of the humanitarian situation should openly and unequivocally call for the identification and declaration of the perpetrator of this humanitarian disaster.

“The military aggression, the total blockade and the destruction of Yemen’s economic and financial capabilities and the policy of starvation, including the denial of access to the port of Hodeidah, the closure of Sana’a International Airport, and the continued disregard for the fact that the mercenary government has printed new currency, are the direct causes of what we have reached to date, and inevitably the Security Council, its experts, bodies and committees are aware of the details of the Yemen disaster,” he said.

The minister stressed that the Security Council is supposed to work for the whole world, not for Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

“Any treatment of the humanitarian disaster in Yemen or any moves towards peace negotiations will succeed only be successful through the cessation of aggression and all hostilities, the lifting the blockade on all areas controlled by the Sana’a government, the reopening of Sana’a International Airport to civilian and commercial flights, and the payment of suspended state employees’ salaries,” he elaborated.

The Foreign Minister called on the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, and not in accordance with the wishes of the member countries of the Saudi-Emirati aggression.