Yemeni forces advance closer to Ma’rib city

Yemeni forces advance closer to Ma’rib city

The Yemeni army forces have on Sunday continued to advance toward the southwestern edges of Ma’rib city.

This was reported by Yemen Press Agency, based on private sources.

The sources affirmed that the army has launched a major military offensive towards sites of the Saudi-led coalition forces, penetrating the strategic mountain range of al-Awshal amid a collapses in the ranks of coalition forces.

The army forces waged fierce battles against the coalition forces in Jabal Murad district, south of the city.

These military developments came days after the army forces took control of the strategic area of Alfa, and cut off supply lines to the coalition forces on the southern fronts.

The sources further affirmed that the army forces launched a great offensive against coalition’s mercenary sites, seizing all areas of the Medghal district.