Algeria to deport seven Yemeni asylum seekers

Algeria to deport seven Yemeni asylum seekers

Algerian authorities on Wednesday began arrangements to deport Yemenis, an international human rights group said.

Seven Yemeni asylum seekers face imminent deportation, which constitutes a serious violation of international law. They expressed fears of death if they were sent back to Yemen, Amnesty International said in a tweet.

According to the organisation, the deportation process involves people seeking asylum in Europe.

Amnesty international called on the Algerian authorities to prevent what they described as the “forcible return of refugees”.

Since Saudi Arabia launched a war and blockade on Yemen in March 2015, thousands of young Yemenis have been forced to flee, mainly from areas controlled by the Saudi-Emirati coalition in southeastern Yemen, after finding themselves trapped between hunger or forced involvement in Saudi-led militias