Israel admits to deploying submarines near Yemeni coast

Israel admits to deploying submarines near Yemeni coast

The Israeli army (IDF) said on Saturday that it has deployed submarines off the coast of Yemen for the first time ever.

“My country is deploying submarines everywhere,” Israeli occupation forces Spokesperson, Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman told Elaph newspaper, commenting on reports of submarines being deployed near Yemen.

He justified the move by claiming that Iran was planning to launch attack Israel from within Yemen or Iraq.

Zilberman cited the attack on the Aramco oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, which was a retaliatory strike by Yemeni forces, and predicted that Tel Aviv will probably be subjected to similar attacks in the coming period.

He also acknowledged that the Israeli army is carrying out “qualitative secret operations in the Middle East”, referring amongst others to the Saudi-led war on Yemen.

Since the start of the war nearly six years ago, Israel has provided logistical and military support to the Saudi-UAE coalition.

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