Over 12,000 former mercenaries already defected from Saudi-led ranks

Over 12,000 former mercenaries already defected from Saudi-led ranks

More than 12,000 Yemenis who used to fight in the ranks of the Saudi-led coalition have already defected and joined the defenders of the Republic of Yemen, an official of the Fifth Military Region said on Saturday.

Brigadier General Riyadh Salah said that most of these deceived soldiers who returned to the homeland, were stationed ag fronts on the West Coast, in Hodeidah province and the border fronts in Hajjah, Saada and Jawf provinces.

In a statement to Saba News, Salah added that thousands of the deceived soldiers decided to return to the homeland and to their families after they realised the aggression coalition’s plans to undermine Yemen’s security and stability, as well as destroy its infrastructure.

The general affirmed the army and Popular Committees’ readiness to secure the return of the deceived soldiers and to facilitate their passage through the checkpoints until they reach their villages and families.

Salah considered the general amnesty decision taken by the National Salvation Government as an opportunity that should be used by the rest of the deceived soldiers, to hasten their return to the national ranks.

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