Yemen warns against Israeli moves near its coast

Yemen warns against Israeli moves near its coast

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a had on Sunday warned that “any reckless action of the Zionist entity in the region will spark an all-out war, and Israel will be the one losing.”

“The Zionist entity has no business with the situation in Yemen,” the source said, commenting on what was stated by a Zionist army spokesman who claimed that Israel is monitoring the situation in Yemen.

“The Zionist entity should monitor the situation in the areas of its illegal control in the occupied Palestinian territories, and stop threatening countries in the region,” the Foreign Ministry added.

“In the event that the Zionist entity undertakes any reckless move or action that affects Yemen, then any interests of Israel or its partners in the Red Sea will be a legitimate target within the framework of the right of response guaranteed by all international conventions and agreements,” he stressed.

The source pointed out that Israel seeks to fabricate excuses for hostile actions and movements through which it tries to cover up its continuous aggression against the Palestinian people.