Hassan Nasrallah reveals that US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are plotting his assassination

Hassan Nasrallah reveals that US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are plotting his assassination

Hezbollah General Secretary, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, has said on Sunday that Hezbollah leaders are targeted not only by the Israelis but also by the US, stressing that “targeting Hezbollah leaders is a common Israeli-American-Saudi practice.”

Saudi Arabia has been instigating an assassination against the Sayyid for a long time, at a minimum since the war in Yemen.

“I have information that Saudi Arabia has been stirring to assassinate me since the beginning of its war on Yemen, and private sources have informed me that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman requested my assassination in person during his first visit to Washington and his first meeting with Trump,” Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah said during an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Sunday.

Sayyid Nasrallah cited the same sources as saying that Saudi Arabia took it upon itself that in case a war erupts after his assassination, it was ready to pay all the financial costs for this war.

“Saudi Arabia, especially in recent years, Doesn’t act with reason, but with awe” he said, stressing that America, Israel and Saudi Arabia are partners in the crime of assassination of the Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.”

“The assassination of Soleimani and al-Muhandis was an open operation, other than the assassination of martyrs Mughniyeh and Fakhrizadeh,” Nasrallah said.

When talking about martyr Soleimani, Sayyid Nasrallah said that “Soleimani had charisma and great ability to influence, and was a distinguished human figure.”

He described the martyr as a very special person on the level of ethics. He also referred to him as a charismatic person who had the ability to influence all those who had to know him.

“On the military level, martyr Soleimani was a strategic and tactical leader at the same time,” Sayyid Nasrullah noted.

Describing the time that preceded Soleimani’s martyrdom, Sayyid Nasrallah said that he was very worried about him, and had warned him repeatedly.

Regarding the outgoing Trump administration, Nasrallah said, “With a figure like U.S. President Donald Trump, he’s is megalomaniacal and in an unforeseeable state of anger, so nothing good can be expected.”

“Everything that has been said so far about what Trump can offer in his final days is still being analysed. We have to deal with the remainder of Trump’s term with caution and care.”

With regard to the Zionist entity threats, Sayyid Nasrallah said that “all the threats you hear from the enemy are because it knows that we will retaliate for its killing of our martyrs in Syria. We are keeping our promise to respond to the ‘Israeli’ enemy’s killing of martyr Ali Mohsen.”

On the visit of the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley to Israel, Nasrallah said: “It is linked to the new administration and its approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” He stressed that Milley came “at the request of the Biden administration to allay Israeli concerns.”

Regarding Yemen, he said: “The case of Yemen is negotiated by the Yemenis. Iran does not see itself as authorised to negotiate it, and Iran does not sell and buy at the expense of the people of the region.”