Symposium reaffirms importance of Yemeni media in exposing crimes of the invaders

Symposium reaffirms importance of Yemeni media in exposing crimes of the invaders

The Islamic Radio and Television Union, in cooperation with Yemeni Media Union, has organised a symposium on Yemeni media, its challenges and achievements in the capital Sana’a on Thursday.

The symposium presented three documents.

The first one, presented by Abdul Karim Al-Washali, discussed the challenges and achievements of the Yemeni radio stations in 2020.

In the second document , Zeid al-Gharsi reviewed the Yemeni private media and how the resistance axis media has dealt with the Saudi-led aggression during the year 2020, while Hassan al-Wraith in the third document addressed the performance of the Yemeni media during the year 2020 and the outlook for the future.

At the opening of the symposium, Sultan al-Samai, a member of the Supreme Political Council, stressed the importance of the role of audiovisual and written media in the face of aggression in enhancing the steadfastness and stability of society.

He pointed out that the media front in its importance and influence parallels the role of the fronts of the fighting.

“The media has played a great role since the beginning of the aggression against our country in uncovering the plans and plots of aggression, and in conveying the truth to the local, regional and international public opinion about the violations of Saudi aggression and its targeting of facilities and services as well as, children, women and innocent civilians,” he said .

He called on the national and civil media to assume their national responsibility and play their role in raising awareness and conveying the truth to citizens and contributing to strengthen of steadfastness and stability of society.

Deputy Minister of Information Fahmi Al-Yousfi and Secretary General of the Yemeni Media Union Hassan Sharaf al-Din stressed the importance of the role of different media in confronting aggression and enhancing the steadfastness of the citizens.

They stressed that the most important challenge faced by the Yemeni media during the challenging period is how to maintain its national role in educating the community on the importance of maintaining national unity, and in unifying the ranks against the aggression.

They pointed to the role of the Yemeni media in monitoring crimes and violations of aggression and uncovering its plans and plots.

“The emergence of the military and security media in addition to its success in exposing the crimes and violations of the invaders to the world and the international community are important achievements of the national media during the past period,” they explained .

The symposium was attended by a number of politicians, intellectuals and media professionals.