Yemeni defences shoot down Karayel spy plane over Jawf

Yemeni defences shoot down Karayel spy plane over Jawf

Yemeni air defences have on Wednesday shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to  Saudi-led coalition over the airspace of Yemen’s Jawf province, the spokesman of the Armed Forces said.

In a statement, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e affirmed that a “karayel” plane belonging to the Saudi air force was shot down in the sky of Al-Mahashmah area in Jawf.

He added that the plane was targeted with an appropriate missile while it was carrying out hostile actions in the Yemeni airspace, indicating that the shooting operation was documented by the military media.

On December 21, Yemeni air defences  shot down a CH-4 fighter reconnaissance aircraft over Medghal district of Marib province while it was carrying out hostile missions .

KARAYEL Tactical UAV System is the first and only Tactical Unmanned Aircraft designed and manufactured in accordance with NATO’s ‘Airworthiness at the Civil Airspace’ Standard STANAG-4671 for exploration and surveillance.

KARAYEL system has a unique triple redundant diffused avionic architecture that provides protection against all kinds of uncontrolled breaking. With this feature, VESTEL has carried systematic error safety, which has been used only in manned aviation worldwide, to an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time with KARAYEL.

In 2020, Saudi Arabia signed a memorandum of understanding with The Turkish company Vestel, including the transfer of technology to localize Vestel industries and products in Saudi Arabia, including drones of this type.