Death toll of Capitol riots reaches four

Death toll of Capitol riots reaches four

The US Metropolitan Police of Washington, DC, has on Thursday announced that the death toll from the Capitol riots has increased to four, 3 of them allegedly due to a medical emergency, and one by gunshot.

Washington Metropolitan Police Department chief Robert Conte said four people died in the Congress building on Wednesday.

Conte added that 52 people were arrested, after supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Congress building in order to try and prevent President-elect Joe Biden’s official declaration of victory, according to Reuters.

Earlier, sources in American security agencies reported that the woman who was injured during a shooting in the Capitol after the demonstrators entered it, has died of her injuries.

Crowds of US president supporters stormed the police barriers around the Congress building, went up to the main yard of the building, raised pro-Trump flags, and chanted slogans rejecting the results of the US presidential elections of November 2020, which resulted in the victory of his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

After some Trump supporters entered the building, Congress police called on members of the House of Representatives to take gas masks from under their seats and be prepared to use them.