New series of assassinations expected in Aden

New series of assassinations expected in Aden

A leading member of the so-called Southern Resistance has on Thursday warned of a wave of assassinations set to take place in the port city of Aden, southern Yemen, in the coming days.

Adel Al-Hasani, who lives in Turkey, said in a tweet on Twitter that “The square will witness assassinations of known figures through Shallal [former security director of Aden loyal to the UAE] and his cells.”

The UAE is “rearranging the chaos in Aden with a new look,” he added.

Al-Hasani accused the UAE of seeking to thwart the so-called Riyadh Agreement through its militias, and said he wondered whether Saudi Arabia would realise the malice of its partner, the UAE.

The Director of Aden security Mutahir Al-Shuaibi, who was appointed by the Saudi-led coalition, warned members of the Hadi government against wandering around Aden for their own safety.