Yemeni security operation destroys Daesh cell operating in Taiz

Yemeni security operation destroys Daesh cell operating in Taiz

The Ministry of the Interior has announced on Saturday the success of a joint security operation carried out in a remote area known as Al-Haymatain in the Al-Taizyah district of Taiz province, southwestern Yemen.

The spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, Brigadier General Abdul Khaleq Al-Ajri, said the security campaign aimed to arrest takfiri terrorist and criminal elements affiliated with the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organisation.

At least five takfiri elements were killed and others were wounded, in addition to a large number of them being captured, the spokesman said, adding that five members of the Yemeni security forces achieved martyrdom during the operation.

The Daesh leaders that were killed are Azzam Taha Mohammed al-Abd, a field commander for groups affiliated with the takfiri organisation, Anwar Abdel Fattah al-Jabri, Aref Dahan Mohammed Khaled, Abdullah Noman Ahmed Saif and Blegh Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sorori, he stated.

Al-Ajri explained that these elements were carrying out murders, robberies and looting raids against citizens.

He noted that the operation was carried out in cooperation with the Security and Intelligence Service and units from the Fourth Military Region, and lasted for three days.