Yemeni diplomats call on UN to take clear position against Saudi aggression

Yemeni diplomats call on UN to take clear position against Saudi aggression

Member of Yemen negotiating delegation, Abdulmalik Al-Ajri, on Saturday called on the United Nations to adopt a clear position on the blockade and aggression on Yemen.

“If the United Nations does not have a clear position, otherwise, by its routine efforts it is selling illusion to the world and working to throw ash on eyes,” Al-Ajri said in a statement to Al-Masirah TV Channel.

Al-Ajri pointed out that the United Nations’ continued routine work ignoring the blockade makes them in “the position of being accused of colluding with the aggression countries.”

“We do not expect the United Nations to stop the aggression against Yemen, nor do we ask the impossible from Griffiths (UN Envoy),” he added.

He noted that there is blackmail by United Nations through humanitarian files in the negotiations as the Saudi-led coalition forces do in the military battle.

Al-Ajri confirmed the national delegation’s keenness to negotiate on the entry of oil derivatives without stopping, whether the war stopped or not, in addition to the issues of Sana’a Airport and salaries.

He made clear that humanitarian issues should not be linked to any political or military issue.

With regard to the oil floating tank ‘Safer’, he said, “We showed seriousness in dealing with the Safer issue file, but we notice a procrastination on the other side.”

On the new US administration, Al-Ajari said that “Sana’a is not betting much on the change of the American administration, and so far there are no indications of an approaching political solution. Riyadh refuses to talk even about the joint declaration on the humanitarian files.”