Ansarullah mocks US threat to designate movement as “terrorist organisation”

Ansarullah mocks US threat to designate movement as “terrorist organisation”

A senior official of Ansarullah, Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, said on Monday that “America is using its last options, which is to designate us as terrorists, but it will fail.”

Al-Bukhaiti confirmed in his tweets on Twitter that “the nation will discover that the American weapon of the term “terrorism” is nothing but a paper sword, and that relying on Allah is the right choice that leads to victory.”

He pointed out that the USA had used its internal tools to fight Ansarullah and failed, and after exhausting these, chose to use the option of direct aggression and failed again.

“We are reassured and do not feel any concern about such a stupid step, because we will emerge from this aggression stronger militarily and morally just like we did in previous times,” Al-Bukhaiti said.

He indicated that the US “will discover too late the error of its calculations, and that it has restricted itself and granted us greater legitimacy to confront its aggression.”

Al-Bukhaiti mocked America’s decision, saying, “We are ready to face any escalation.”

According to Reuters, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Monday that the State Department will notify Congress of its intention to designate Ansarullah as a “foreign terrorist organisation”.