Saudi forces deliberately endangering refugees in Ma’rib province

Saudi forces deliberately endangering refugees in Ma’rib province

Tribal leaders in the Ma’rib province have warned for an imminent massacre of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the province, where Islah Party forces backed by Saudi-led coalition are reported to use the refugees as human shields.

Sheikh Nasser Munif Al-Obaidi said on Sunday in a tweet on his Twitter account “The government prevents the displaced people from leaving or moving from the camps to safe places, due to the approaching confrontations, and the goal for this is known. They want these poor people as shields for the government compound.”

Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Al-Moradi denounced the practices of Islah, saying: “it is a flaw that you make the IDP camps shields and fortifications. Be men and confront [your enemies] like men, far away from the camps; or [at least] allow the displaced to leave the camps.”

On Saturday, the Ma’rib Governor in the National Salvation Government, Ali Tua’iman, called for international investigation committees to be be formed in order to probe into the coalition forces’ entrenching inside displaced people camps and preventing them from leaving to safer areas.

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