Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation opened in Yemen

Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation opened in Yemen

The President of Yemen, Mahdi al-Mashat, has stressed on Monday the importance of scientific plans to develop science and technology in order to promote Yemen to the ranks of developed countries.

This came in the President’s speech that was delivered on his behalf by member of the Supreme Political Council, Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Rahwi, during the inauguration of the Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Al-Mashat pointed out that science and technology is a essential factor in the advancement of many countries of the world that have achieved self-sufficiency and built a strong and coherent economy.

The president affirmed that Yemen has a lot of creative minds and distinguished and enlightened cadres who have made contributions in various fields.

“In light of the difficult circumstances that our country is going through as a result of the war imposed by the Saudi-led coalition, we are interested in building a state based on a national vision for building a modern Yemeni nation, that was launched by the martyred President Saleh Al-Sammad,” he said.

President Al-Mashat indicated that the previous regimes worked carefully for Yemen to remain a weak, dependent and consuming state, through robbing the people of their freedom, abilities and positions.

The president emphasised the necessity to do everything necessary to ensure that Yemeni students studying abroad are able to return home and to help build up the country that needs their capabilities, their minds and their innovations.