Yemeni army scores new victory in Ma’rib front

Yemeni army scores new victory in Ma’rib front

The Yemeni army had managed on Friday to repel a large-scale attack carried out by Saudi-led coalition forces in Ma’rib province, military sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The sources said that the army forces repelled the coalition attack towards the army locations in Jabal Murad.

According to the sources, dozens of mercenaries were killed and wounded, including military commanders, during their foiled attack which lasted for ten hours.

The sources confirmed that the army forces were able to destroy four military vehicles loaded with mercenaries as they were trying to advance in the same front.

The army forces besieged large groups of coalition soldiers and managed to capture dozens of them, the sources added, claiming that the Saudis were unable to hold back the Yemeni forces despite using heavy air support.