Ansarullah blames US and Saudi Arabia for Baghdad bombings

Ansarullah blames US and Saudi Arabia for Baghdad bombings

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah has on Thursday condemned the terrorist bombings in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, which left dozens of people dead and wounded.

In a statement obtained by the Yemeni news agency Saba, the Bureau said the bombing was committed by groups supported by Saudi Arabia.

The statement noted that “those who adopted this brutal criminal method were created by America in order to use them to implement their interests in several Arab and Muslim countries, as Trump and Hillary Clinton have said.”

The statement pointed out that the brutal bombings coincides with the outcry of Iraqi people against US military presence, and it confirms that the US intelligence will begin to activate a method of terrorism.

The Bureau called on Iraqis which to stand firm and hold the US and its mercenaries responsible for these terrorist bombings.

The statement affirmed that “the best response to such crimes is to join forces and unite the Iraqi position to confront American plots that aim to undermine Iraq’s security and stability, and to continue to expel the occupying forces and their criminal tools of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, so that the Iraqi people will never again fall prey to these terrorist elements.”