Five-year-old child killed in hit-and-run in Ma’rib

Five-year-old child killed in hit-and-run in Ma’rib

A child was killed after a military vehicle pickup belonging to Islah militants hit him in Ma’rib province on Wednesday.

Activists on social media circulated a video footage showing the hit-and-run.

A surveillance camera captured the moment when the child was hit by a military pickup vehicle in al-Rawdha area, central Ma’rib.

The scenes showed the extremely high speed of the military vehicle, which ran over five-year-old Alqasem Amer A’lous.

The child was rushed to the Authority Hospital, but the doctors on duty reportedly refused to treat him before the cost of treatment was paid in cash. This delay has reportedly contributed to his death.

The joint crime has drawn widespread discontent amongst citizens, who expressed their indignation at the inhumane treatment of A’lous