Eighty illegally detained Yemeni fishermen released from Eritrea

Eighty illegally detained Yemeni fishermen released from Eritrea

The head of the General Authority for Fisheries in the Red Sea, Engineer Hashim Al-Da’ani, said that 80 fishermen from Hodeidah province who were previously being held prisoner in Eritrea have been released today.

In a statement to Al-Thawra Net he said that 37 fishermen arrived at the fish landing center in the Directorate of Al-Salif in a single boat, while the other 43 fishermen were delivered successively to the island of Kabret and will be brought by boats belonging to another group of fishermen.

The fishermen, who were detained for three days, were arrested inside Yemeni territorial waters and taken to an Emirati boat on the island of Hermel for interrogation, he said.

Al-Da’ani condemned the Saudi-Emirati aggression against fishermen on the Yemeni coast, as well as the the attacks and the prevention of fishing.

He stressed that the aggression’s insistence on preventing fishermen from practicing their profession and earning their day’s livelihood is part of the sordid plans of the invaders carried out in order to try and subjugate the Yemeni people.

He called on international organisations to assume their legal and moral responsibility in stopping the crimes of aggression and violations against the Yemeni people and their arbitrary practices against fishermen on all Yemeni coasts.