Venezuelan oil pipeline hit by terrorist attack

Venezuelan oil pipeline hit by terrorist attack

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has reported that a pipeline belonging to the National Oil Company of Venezuela (PDVSA) has been hit by a terrorist attack, which has led to a major fire at the facilities in the northeastern state of Anzoategui.

“Today we suffered a terrorist attack on the eastern gas pipeline, which caused a huge fire that at this time is already controlled by the workers of Petroleos de Venezuela,” Maduro said during a Saturday address broadcast.

He called the perpetrators of the attack “terrorists and cowards,” noting that no one was killed or injured in the incident.

Maduro has repeatedly accused the US of organising attacks on communications, energy stations, and oil and gas facilities in Venezuela.

He said he was ready to “turn a new page with the new administration of US President Joe Biden.”

Maduro also called for a “new course” in relations with Washington, based on mutual respect, dialogue, communication and understanding.