Zionist delegation visits Sudan to further cement collaboration pact

Zionist delegation visits Sudan to further cement collaboration pact

An official delegation from the Zionist occupation entity, headed by Intelligence Minister Elie Cohen, has visited Sudan for the first time on Monday, in order to discuss moving forward with a US-brokered agreement in October to establish diplomatic relations, Reuters reported.

“I am confident this visit lays the foundations for many important collaborations that will assist both Israel and Sudan as well as security stability in the region,” Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said in a statement after returning home.

Cohen, the first Zionist minister to head such a trip, said he met with Sudanese leaders and that the Israeli delegation discussed with their hosts a variety of diplomatic and security issues, as well as the potential for economic cooperation.

The Israeli statement stated that the two sides had agreed that a Sudanese delegation would visit Israel.

Sudan joined the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco last year in a move to collaborate with Israel, breaking with most of the rest of the Islamic world.

The new US administration of Joe Biden has said it wants to build on the agreements that were signed during the Trump administration.

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