Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria: UN has failed in the matter of Zionist-occupied Golan Heights

Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria: UN has failed in the matter of Zionist-occupied Golan Heights

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, Bashar al-Ja’afari, has affirmed that despite the passing of more than five decades since the Israeli occupation of Arab lands in the 1967 war, it still exists until today in a clear indication of the failure of Security Council in assuming its responsibility and end the occupation which poses threat to stability and security of the region, Syrian Arab News Agency reported.

“54 years have passed, and the UN Security Council has failed to hold Israeli occupation accountable for its hostile acts against our citizens in the occupied Arab lands. [The Zionists receive] protection by some western permanent members at the UN, most of all the United States,” al-Ja’afari, who is also Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, said in a statement in a Security Council session on the situation in the Middle East.

Al-Ja’afari added that “the Israeli occupation authorities’ recklessness regarding international law and resolutions of the international community has reached an unprecedented level, as the Israeli occupation continues its repeated aggressions on Syrian lands in a blatant violation of Security Council Resolution No. 350 of 1974 related to the disengagement of forces.”

“The past days have witnessed an increasing number in Israeli attacks against Syria, the most recent was last Friday, when the Israeli entity perpetrated a new aggression on the vicinity of the city of Hama, claiming the lives of a family of a two parents, two children, and wounding four others from the same family in addition to the destruction of a number of innocent civilians’ homes,” al-Ja’afari said.

He added that the aggression comes in continuation of an Israeli aggressions which has led to the martyrdom of a large number of civilians and the damage of their property.

Al-Ja’afari stressed that the Israeli occupation’s continued arbitrary arrests against Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan constitute an integral part of the series of crimes and human rights’ violations throughout more than five decades of occupation of the Golan.

“Syria rejects the arbitrary and unfair verdict of the Israeli occupation authorities on June 10th, 2020 which sentenced to three years imprisonment Nihal Al-Makt, the sister of the freed prisoner Sadqi al-Maqt,” al-Ja’afari said.

The Syrian diplomat stressed that Syria demands that UN Security Council takes urgent action to ensure the implementation of Resolution No. 497 of 1981, and forces the Israeli occupation entity to stop its settlement practices and its repressive procedures against Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan, and to withdraw from the entire occupied Golan back to the line of June 4th, 1967.