Hadi loyalists carry out large-scale mobilisation in Shabwah

Hadi loyalists carry out large-scale mobilisation in Shabwah

Military units loyal to Hadi and the Islah party in the southern province of Shabwah have declared a state of high alert and carried out a massive and sudden military deployment in the vicinity of the city of Ataq, Yemen News Portal reported, citing local sources.

According to local sources, military troops were deployed in the nearby heights around the city of Ataq, and checkpoints were reinforced by additional troops.

Hadi’s forces are carrying out intensive and mysterious military moves, but the sources did not rule out that they are planning to to remove governor Mohammed bin Adiu, who is currently in Riyadh.

Political sources said the UAE-backed Southern Transitional t Council (STC) has notified the Saudi-led coalition of the Islah militias’ moves.

Relations between the Islah Party and their Saudi backers have soured significantly over the past years, to the point where confrontations between Islah and other mercenary units take place from time to time.