Symposium on US crimes in Yemen opened

Symposium on US crimes in Yemen opened

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah and a revolutionary political bloc held a political symposium on Saturday, entitled “American crimes in Yemen.”

In the symposium, Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision, Mahmoud al-Junaid, confirmed the political leadership faced the most difficult circumstances and challenges that the homeland has went through, due to the war waged by the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen.

“When the Yemeni people wanted to liberate their political decision power and get out of foreign domination and tutelage, the aggression countries, led by America, launched a fierce war on the Yemeni people,” al-Junaid said.

Al-Junaid clarified the American administration revealed the falsehood of its claims democracy and human rights it claims.

He added that” many free people in the world want to stop the aggression and end the siege on the Yemeni people, because they are aware of the enormity of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the Saudi-American-Emirati-Zionist alliance, which is the largest in the world and in contemporary history.”

For his part, Minister of Local Administration, Ali al-Qaisi, indicated the aggression against Yemen was not born today, but has existed since the Tanuma massacre committed by the Saudi regime.

Al-Qaisi added the Saudi regime ignited and supported a war in the central regions of Yemen and deported around one million Yemenis back in 1990.

“When Saudi Arabia saw a new Yemeni leadership rejecting foreign hegemony and tutelage, it launched an indiscriminate war under American and Zionist sponsorship, in an attempt to destroy Yemen and tear its social fabric apart,” he said.

The Minister furthermore stressed the steadfastness of the Yemenis in the face of the Saudi-American-Zionist-Emirati coalition and its plots.