Deputy FM of Yemen condemns recent abductions in Ma’rib

Deputy FM of Yemen condemns recent abductions in Ma’rib

Yemen’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein al-Ezzi has denounced the kidnapping of women in Ma’rib by mercenaries of the aggression forces.

Hussein al-Ezzin said that “storming houses in Ma’rib and detaining Yemeni women under the pretext of espionage is an absurd and condemned act.”

“The Islah Party militia’s kidnapping of Yemeni women in Ma’rib should be condemned by all of Yemen and all of the world’s honourable people,” al-Ezzi added.

He further asserted that what is being rumoured about the kidnapped women’s ties to ‘sleeper cells’ related to the Sana’a government is ‘mere lies,’ and vowed revenge for the oppressed.

On Saturday evening, a group of American-Saudi-Emirati mercenaries stormed the houses of refugees in Ma’rib, abducted five women, and returned on Sunday morning to kidnap two other women.

The ladies were transferred to an unknown destination without their families being informed about their whereabouts.