At least 141 Yemeni health centers threatened with total shutdown due to Saudi blockade

At least 141 Yemeni health centers threatened with total shutdown due to Saudi blockade

The Ministry of Public Health and Population of Yemen has on Tuesday said that, if the Saudi-led aggression continues to prevent the entry of oil derivatives, hospitals “would be turned into cemeteries, and thousands of patients: children, women and men, would be sentenced to death.”

Ministry of Health spokesman Dr. Najib al-Qubati told Saba News Agency that the continuation of piracy and the denial of the entry of oil derivatives will lead to the suspension of the services of 141 health facilities.

He warned of a health disaster that could stop life-saving interventions in many departments, especially emergencies, obstetric and neonatal emergencies, operating theatres, intensive care, neonatal nurseries, dialysis units, medical equipment and oxygen-generating plants.

Dr. Al-Qubati pointed out that the continuation of the blockade and the denial of the arrival of oil derivatives ships has exacerbated the health situation and will cause catastrophic humanitarian repercussions, which come in addition to the bombing and destruction of this sector by the aircraft of aggression,

He pointed out that more than 5,000 patients need dialysis sessions twice a week, and more than 200,000 children born of caesarean sections as well as other newborns need to be recused in incubators.

Dr. Al-Qubati stressed that the end of oil derivatives and the lack of strategic stocks both in the government and private sectors will have disastrous consequences.

He blamed the United Nations and the coalition for the situation, which threatens to cause a humanitarian catastrophe for the Yemeni people.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health called on the international community and the United Nations to put pressure on the coalition to allow oil derivative vessels to enter the port of Hodeidah without hindrance.